Water Sector Reforms

  • These water sector reforms are designed especially for Indian municipal sector ULBs (Urban Local Bodies) and industrial estates.
  • The vicious cycle of ULBs is inefficient water and other utilities running in losses are due to lack of professional approach, which results into huge arrears and financial leverage and thus left with No Investment for development purpose.
  • We strive to induce a scientific approach to this problem for improving water and sanitation sector efficiency.


  • Provide unique solution to improve water sector efficiencies
  • Indicators
  • Reduction in water losses
  • Increase in revenue
  • Aim towards improvement in serviceability and efficiency of water supply infrastructure


  • Know your Assets - Map the assets using GIS
  • Know your Consumers through consumer survey
  • Know the health of your Assets
  • Pumps & Electrical Assets - By Energy Audit
  • Pipe network & WTP - By Water Audit
  • Simulate existing network in Hydraulic Modeling software
  • Improve billing and metering system through Aqua Bill


Consumer Survey

  • Collate the preliminary information of WSS
  • Assess the service delivery
  • Determine service expectations etc.

GIS Mapping

  • Digitize the real world town into a software
  • GIS layers with attribute tables models all the geographical features

Water Audit

  • Determine operational efficiency of the system
  • Identify sources of water and revenue loss
  • Increase revenue and reduce losses

Energy Audit

  • Enhance energy efficiency of the system
  • Identify low cost O&M measures

Hydraulic modeling

  • Water supply system is modeled into a software which then used to assist in decision making regarding optimization of the system.

Installation of flow meters

  • For 100 % metering purpose.
  • Flow meters at all production and DMA inlet points.

Installing Water Billing software

  • Improve efficiency, reliability of the water billing system.
  • Increase the revenue collection and consumer orientation.