Key Strengths

Hydraulic Model Studies of Hydro-Power Projects

  • Hydraulic Design and Detailed Engineering
  • Physical and computerized mathematical modeling

GIS Based Hydraulic Modeling of Water Supply & Waste Water Systems

  • Extended Period Simulation & Analysis using advanced software
  • Cost Optimized Design and O & M optimization of schemes

Water Sector Reforms Works

  • Water and Energy Audit for water supply schemes
  • To reduce the Water Losses and Increase the Revenue Water thorough efficient analysis and management of water supply system

Water Billing Software integrated with GIS – 'Aqua Bill'

  • Full-fledged software with all the requisite functionalities
  • Customized application as per end user needs
  • Integration with GIS & Hydraulic modeling software

Automation of Water Supply & Waste Water Systems

  • Planning & Designing of Automation for Treatment Plants as well as distribution network
  • Logic formulation based on SCADA & PLC with Central control unit